Marko Jokic is a New York City based editorial photographer with an emphasis on documentary, portraiture and travel. 

The photographic process enchanted him ever since he stepped into a darkroom as a teenager. The magic of photographic alchemy and black and white imagery sparked his passion which led him to study at Parsons School of Design. 

Some years after college, Marko moved to Oaxaca, a Mexican city known for its culture. The explosion of color and life inspired a shift into color photography shooting for tourism, hospitality, and artchitecture clients. 

Upon returning to NY, he merged into larger portrait and fashion shoots where he gained experience collaborating with creative teams and individuals.

His work demonstrates a fine blend of technical expertise and awareness of context. Driven by a passion for culture and new experiences, Marko strives in diverse environments, eager to turn any situation into a stunning image.




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Clients include: